About Us

Being 100% Australian owned and designed has allowed Upward to tailor its exceptional products to a broad range of needs, suiting almost every personal, professional and commercial application. Upward’s ideology has ensured that functional, reliable, relevant and often specialist Australian reference is included in their products.

Upward is an Australian success, servicing the needs of discerning diary users for almost fifty years and has earned a reputation for quality, style and durability.


We care about the environment and use only FSC® certified paper and have achieved our own FSC® chain of custody certification.


We care that our amazing, habitual and loyal users love a clean practical and functional layout.


We care that the quality of materials used to build our diaries will last longer than the intended 12 months of use.

You’ll always find what you are looking for!

Our Upward promise is to always select the most cost effective, quality components with the cleanest and greenest credentials. We build our products to the standard and quality synonymous with the Upward brand. We believe it is far less wasteful to build a quality product that lasts its intended life. Our major components are farmed from sustainable sources and are free of harmful chemicals.
WH Annett Pty Ltd, the owner of Upward diaries has been FSC® certified by the Forest Stewardship Council®. FSC® is an international organisation that sets standards, trademark assurance and accreditation services for organisations interested in responsible forestry. Increasingly, businesses, governments and environmentally conscious consumers are demanding FSC® certified products, which is a recognised global standard.

In 2013 we were recognised for our efforts by FSC® Australia as Finalists in the Retailer of the Year Award.
Whilst looking after our environment is vital, the accuracy and relevance of the information we publish is of the utmost importance so much so that we toil over and test its relevance every time we go to print. In publishing the Upward range we have ensured that functional, reliable, relevant and often specialist AUSTRALIAN REFERENCE is included.